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Tattoo Removal Tips

Tattoo removal has become easier over the years. It is now possible to get rid of a tattoo with little or no skin damage. You can choose from a variety of removal options depending on your tattoo design and skin type. Here a few tattoo removal tips that can simplify the process.

Best Tattoo Removal Tips

1. Research Removal Options

Conduct research on the different removal techniques you can use. Laser Tattoo removal has gained popularity over the years because it has proved quite effective but it is expensive. Excision is another option available but it is a surgical procedure. You can also consider dermabrasion, which removes the layer of skin to reveal new skin. Fading creams are also available but they work well for small and light colored tattoos.

2. Understand Limitations and Potential Risks

Tattoo removal procedures have limits. There are certain factors that influence the outcome including skin color, tattoo depth, the number of colors used, and tattoo age. Tattoos usually fade with time and this means that older tend to be easier to remove compared to new ones.

The removal process can also affect your skin pigment. Light skinned people tend to get better results compared to dark skinned ones.

You also need to consider the tattoo location. It will be easier to remove a tattoo on a fatty area such as the chest, thigh or arm compared to bony parts like the ankles or wrists.

It is also possible to get scarring and some color remnants once the procedure is complete. Some of the colors that are difficult to remove include purple, yellow, and Turquoise. Green and black come out with ease.

3. Use Sunscreen

Skin pigment changes are common especially with laser treatments but using sunscreen can lessen the effects. Use sunscreen regularly before and after your removal procedure to minimize skin pigment changes. Exposure to the sun can darken the design, making it more difficult to remove.

4. Avoid Tanning

It is advisable to stay away from tanning products before and after you remove your tattoo. The tanning process can make your tattoo darker.

5. Get Several Treatments

A single treatment is not enough to remove your tattoo, especially with laser removal. You may need between 6 and 10 sessions before you get satisfactory results. But this has to be determined by a qualified technician after a consultation.

6. Extend Treatment Intervals

Most people want to get rid of a tattoo as soon as possible once they make the decision. But it is advisable to extend the treatment intervals for adequate results. This is especially important if you are using extensive methods such as laser or dermabrasion. Getting treatments too close to each other increases side effect risks. You may get skin irritation if your session intervals are too short. Wait for at least 4 to 5 weeks between your sessions. Some people need longer intervals especially if you have sensitive skin.

Tattoo removal can be a smooth process if you use the right technique. Take advantage of these simple tattoo removal tips to get the best results when you decide to get rid of yours.

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